Welcome to the home page of STUDIO KENTA.

I keep making the work from my "UKI" character. The world of this "UKI" has already become year tenth, too. I will do the event of the tenth anniversary commemoration this year. To express such an outlook on the world of "UKI", this home page was started up. This site is assumed to be main, and I plan to make efforts to making of the work of "UKI".

To tell the truth, my work has only the program software made with Macintosh. I'm sorry by the use of Windows. Please give the work of the Windows version, and give mail when it is hope. I will make the work holding out if there are a lot of demands.

Moreover, this site is made from Japanese. However, even the person who does not understand Japanese can enjoy these works enough. Especially, the menu is English in the mascot work. I am making an effort to prepare an English manual gradually. Though I am making by using the translation software because English cannot be spoken enough.

Please down-load and enjoy these happy works by all means. This site adjusts the layout as looking beautiful when seeing in browser's version since since InternetExplorer4.0x and Netscape Communicator4.0x. Please set the fontsize in the smallness and see InternetExplorer used.

At least necessary spec

The content is a menu on the home page of STUDIO KENTA though is only Japanese.

English It is this page.
Tenso atelier It is cgi program page made with perl like the guest book etc.
The UKI world
Guest book Please leave a word and the impression.
About the profile and the copyright It is a page of the copyright of this site.
What's New It is an update career page.
Attic room It is a page of the diary.
Ahodara committee It is a funny story which personal computer beginner's uncles cause.
Link It is my friend, and a favorite page.

Attention These English sentences use the translation software. Therefore, some nuances might be different.

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